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It has always been constant endeavor of “Friends Corporation” to delight its customers with better and more advanced products and lays a great emphasis on consistency in Super Quality & Demanded Quantity to give customers the value of their money. Friends Corporation is Pioneer Service Providers for Financial Assistance (Bank Loan), Pre- Fabricated (Steel Structure), Auto Bricks (Full Project), Jute Sticks Charcoal, Telecommunication, Air Compressor, Motors & Pumps, Generator, Sub-Station & Lubricant played a major role in supplying Quality product in Bangladesh.

We established with a motto
“To satisfy the customer (NEED) by supplying
quality product within the given time Frame”

Friends Corporation is a world class lubricant and Machinery supply & services company of Bangladesh. Being a responsible company we don’t simply believe in selling engine oil. We believe in creating the difference in machinery market by offering excellent quality of all parts. Service of our customers is one of hallmark of “Friends Corporation”. One of our main principles is to operate those customer’s channels. We put the customers at the center of all products. Our corporate philosophy is “Forging lasting relationship to our customers”. Based on trusts, honesty and a since desire to provide only the best possible products.

We are highly committed to supply & services of all kinds of product to customer in time. We are also committed to service your Machinery by involving an efficient team. Our High quality effective machine are designed and engineered in such a manner that their overall perform, size, shape, color etc are completely different from those of the competitors. We are confident that you will find our Machines and services to be dependable, reliable and priced right for our market.


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